Recycling of pollutants back into raw materials instead of displacing them in sewage systems or disposal sites

Complete exhaust gas treatment systems

Steuler Anlagenbau designs, plans, supplies and installs complete, fully integrated, multi-stage flue gas scrubbing systems for industrial applications in the combustion plant, chemical, petrochemical and metallurgical processing sectors as well as for hazardous waste and residue incineration and other processes.
Steuler Anlagenbau's longstanding experience in developing, planning, manufacturing, installing, commissioning, maintaining and operating such plants makes it the partner of choice for a diverse range of applications and requirements in numerous countries and industrial sectors. We use our extensive knowledge to realize cost benefits during construction and operation – not just related to the flue gas purification system itself, but with respect to the entire plant, be it a power station or incineration facility. Our goal: optimization through integration in order to realize the most economically and ecologically beneficial result.

We offer the complete spectrum of top performance flue gas purification technologies:

  • thermal and catalytic post combustion plants
  • dust abatement units
  • chemical wet absorption units
  • dry absorption and adsorption units using NaHCO3, Na2CO3, NaOH or Ca(OH)2 and activated charcoal, lignite coke or zeolites with or without supplement
  • SCR and SNCR flue gas denitrification systems using urea solution or ammonia liquor/ammonia gas as reducing agent
Steuler Anlagenbau also supplies incineration plants with heat and energy recovery along with the necessary infrastructure.
Flue gas purification systems "Made by Steuler Anlagenbau" Germany meet the strictest international air purity standards. Custom-designed, optimally integrated individual processes, including post combustion, dust removal, desulphurization and denitrification stages, offer the ultimate in operational reliability, low emissions as well as high levels of flexibility and are prerequisite for a future-proof plant expansion.