Recycling of pollutants back into raw materials instead of displacing them in sewage systems or disposal sites


Steuler Anlagenbau has over 35 years of experience in developing, planning, manufacturing, installing, commissioning, servicing and maintaining efficient catalytic NOx reduction units and has over 1,500 satisfied customers around the world. Steuler Anlagenbau works in close cooperation with its own network of contract and OEM partners to provide turnkey solutions thus minimising the number of different parties involved. Our after sales service includes everything from custom maintenance concepts to comprehensive full-service plans.
The entire range of SCR plants encompasses industrial applications for NOx reduction in engine, turbine and combustion plants, chemical, petrochemical and metallurgical processing plants as well as hazardous waste and residue incineration plants and other processes. Our high performance SCR plants use urea solution, ammonia liquor or ammonia gas as reducing agent and meet the strictest international air purity standards. By systematically optimizing the specially matched catalytic and process control components that make up the modular system, it is possible to cost-effectively use them for a wide variety of applications and plant sizes. We attach particular importance to maximizing operational reliability, offering high levels of flexibility and ensuring that the plant can be cost-effectively expanded in the future. Economical, reliable plant operation is made possible thanks to the user-friendly control system, which can be operated either on site or remotely over the Internet.

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