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Pickling plants for tubes and structural elements

Steuler Anlagenbau offers a number of options for the treatment of tubes and structural elements that use the discontinuous dipping process: tunnel pickling lines for medium and high throughput capacities and autoclave pickling lines for small to medium throughputs.
Treatment takes place within a closed tunnel or autoclave in order to prevent the release of corrosive and harmful gases.
The largely automated plants are operated using treatment programs that can be flexibly configured to suit the most diverse of requirements. The concept allows for simple upgrading should an increase in throughput or the use of other materials be desired.
In the tunnel pickling line, the tubes or structural elements pass through the various treating tanks in batches.
In contrast to tunnel pickling lines, in the autoclave pickling, tubes and structural elements are not transported through the various treating baths. Instead, the tubes are placed into the empty autoclave (which is completely sealed with a lid during operation) and the different treating solutions are automatically added and removed according to the preset program. 
Autoclave pickling lines can be quickly, simply and economically adapted to accommodate changed throughput and quality requirements by installing an additional autoclave or exchanging the existing and/or additional treating solution.
All of these plants have one thing in common: low fresh water consumption, optimized use of chemicals and minimal exhaust air produced combined with low personnel requirements reduce both operating and capital investment costs.
High plant availability, high surface quality, high operating flexibility – Steuler Anlagenbau has the ideal solution for each demand.