Less environmental impact More surface quality

Wastewater engineering, water recycling and ZLD

There has been increasing demand to ban discharging wastewater from surface treatment plants into rivers or sewer systems. This makes a wastewater-free operation through recovering water and chemicals indispensable.
Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD): Steuler Anlagenbau's concept for the economic recovery of water and raw materials combined with effective energy utilisation and reduced environmental impact.
The spent acids, waste solutions and rinse water produced are concentrated through evaporation/condensation until only condensate/water and a concentrated acid/metallic salt solution is left. The condensate is fed back into the surface treatment process as fresh water. This represents an economically viable method of separating the acids and/or metals from the acid/salt solution for re-use. The left over residue is converted into a dry precipitate and disposed of. 
Steuler Anlagenbau works in close consultation with its customers to design and develop concepts and plants for economical, resource conserving and environmentally friendly method for preparing spent acids, waste liquors and rinse water which precisely fulfils the customer's specifications and even future requirements.
When creating the concept, it is important to account for costs of chemicals and water supply, wastewater and residue disposal and recycling as well as energy supply. So for a total accounting, it is essential to consider the whole production facility including the process environment.

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